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Museum Happenings


Jasper introduced as 

Museum's new mascot

Jasper, the iconic ant that has run around Ontario for 67 years, has finally gotten some formal recognition. 


The personable

insect was adopted

as the mascot for

the Ontario Museum

of History & Art. 


At a Museum

Trustees meeting

on Sept. 26,

Jasper was formally

welcomed as the museum’s symbol. 


He’s no newcomer, having been created as

the official emblem for the All-States

Picnic in Ontario in 1956.   He originally

appeared as “Mr. Ant” at the annual picnic,

having been designed by Tom Hicks, Chaffey High grad and Chaffey College art student. 


The name Jasper was created by Mrs. John O.

Hill, who submitted it and was named winner in

a naming contest that drew 350 entrants. 

“Jasper” is from J-July 4th, A-All, S-States,

P-Picnic, E-Euclid Avenue, R-Regular event. 


Through the years, as attendance at the picnic declined, Jasper’s role also declined.  


But he returned in 2016 when local artist (and Museum trustee) Chris Kueng created a more whimsical look for Jasper.  He has since been a regular in city events in a new mascot costume

that debuted for the 2018 July 4th parade.


The original Jasper drawing is on display in the

Gem of the Foothills exhibit at the Museum. 

Dia de Los Muertos photo.jpg

Spirited dancers were a highlight during  the Museum's popular Dia de Los Muertos observance in October


Museum Associates 

volunteer board 



The Associates of the Ontario Museum of History & Art are volunteers who help raise money and support education programs of the Museum.  The Associates hold meetings on the first Wednesday of each month.



President Cherry Dobbs

Vice President, Leslie Sherwood James

Secretary, Joe Blackstock


Meredith Evans

Andrea Galvan

Paul Gomez

Erina Higa

Christian Kueng

Janet Manildi

Loretha Nwosu

Armando Villa

Jerry Weeks

Alan Wissing

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